Charlotte is a trained actress who has been performing since she was eleven. She has acted on stage and screen, and started directing in 2011 with self-produced music videos and short films. She met Laura once at a house party and then popped up on Facebook a few years later to ask if Laura had ever written for the screen. She then met up with Laura and Aya in April 2015, and they stood talking for hours in a street behind Charing Cross before realising they all lived in the same area and could have set the world to rights on the bus.



Laura has written since a young age (on account of having no friends at primary school and needing to invent her own), moving through Harry Potter fan fiction and angsty poetry to writing for the stage whilst studying Theatre and Performance at Leeds. She finally landed on screenwriting after taking a ten-week course at Central Saint Martins and is also an aspiring script editor. Sometimes she eats an entire pack of Parma ham because she's a grown up and can do things like that.



Aya trained in Graphic Design and Illustration at Chelsea and Central Saint Martins before moving into film in 2013. She has assisted and produced several music videos and short films, and continues to work in moving image, print, and bookmaking. She met Laura in November 2014 when they were both Barbican Young Film Programmers. She makes a killer mac'n'cheese and is pretty handy with an angle grinder. Hates crowds and dogs.